Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Bucket List

In the movie The Bucket List Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are on a quest to live out their Bucket List (things they want to do before they die) together. If you have never watched this movie I highly recommend it. It really puts much of life in perspective. Today our prompt is YOUR BUCKET LIST. Make a list of things you would like to do before you die. Every month we will refer back to this list and see what we are doing NOW to help us reach some of the DREAMS and GOALS we wish to fulfill/accomplish on our Bucket List.

Our prompt yesterday produced many scripts. Heather Manning wrote this prompt out on her blog and invited me to take a look. You really are in for a treat. Hop on over to and take a look at how this young woman has reinvented herself.

As I was looking through our Flickr account yesterday I ran across one of our journalist that is creating art in her everyday journal..I loved this page she did on Pandora's box and below you will find it as our spotlight today.

AJ - WK-2 PANDORA BOX by Luisitas.

Welcome to all of our new members of the facebook site as well as the blog. Facebook members can log onto the blog or the flickr account directly from the links on the Your Life Spelled Out Page.

Have a Peace Filled Day!

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  1. My Bucket List...

    I actually made my list after seeing this movie and have accomplished a few of them already.

    1. See the Grand Canyon- Did this March 30, 2009 on my 25th wedding anniversary!
    2. Go White Water Rafting- Did this the summer of 2008 on the New Gorge River, WV.
    3. See Caitlin reach her 5 year cancer free mark-She reached this in Sept 2009.
    4. See Caitlin graduate college- coming soon!
    5. See Caitlin get married-coming soon!
    6. See Courtney graduate high school, go to college and get married...still a few years away on all these.
    7. Find peace in my life...working on each everyday.
    8. Have a good job and make a decent living-I do believe I'm there now!
    9. Go To Mexico to see the Ruins.
    10. Go to the Caribbean. Playing this for Christmas this year..Punta Cana!

    I learned that when my daughter had cancer that life is fragile and we are all vulnerable to change in an instant. So, I've acquired the philosphy that if there is something I want to do...don't put it off till tomorrow, but find a way to make it happen today.

  2. This prompt has me thinking hard. I am going to keep checking the comments for ideas. I have 5. One of my goals was to get my master's degree and I got that one. I got to decide if I want a doctorate??? I don't know if I want to go back to college....

  3. First of all Hello to everyone!!!!!!!! I am so excited to have found a blog that inspires us each week if not each day. I need that little "tickle" to get me going. Bucket list is a great idea because it helps us examine our lives and see what we can do to improve them.
    Jeanne from Chicago

  4. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for having my Pandora Box journal page in the Spotlight today! I did struggle with it, but I love the end result...

    My Bucket List!
    1) See my 2 daughters graduated from College
    2) See them married
    3) Live 1 year at New York City on my own
    4) Visit Vatican
    5) Visit Paris
    6) Second Trip to southern Mexico to see the ruins I have not seen yet
    7) Have a successful scrapbooking business
    8) Be happy and in peace with myself
    9) Enjoy the love of my life
    10) Be me always!!!

  5. UGH!! I have loved every prompt up until today. HATE the bucket list ideas. Sorry. It's just tooo trendy, and so used up these days. Love all the original ideas you've had though!!! keep it up!