Thursday, January 21, 2010


Imagine you are writing a book about your life. It is a 10 chapter book. Title your Chapters.
Chronicle your childhood through your life now in your chapter titles. Share if you wish. This is a fun and very revealing assignment.

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  1. A Memoir...

    1. Ford Mustang 1966
    2. We don't look like the Cleaver's from the inside.
    3. Goodbye Mom
    4. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
    5. Rescue Me
    6. Navy Life
    7. Caitlin and Courtney
    8. Living the American Dream
    9. Life and Death
    10. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  2. Hi Susan, I found your blog through Luisa's "Creative Designs by Luisa" and I love what I see so far. I would love to journal more about me, life, this n that. My question is: Is there a post on where to start our journaling journey? Thanks!

  3. Hi Lori,
    Glad to see you here... In the blog archive under 2010, go to the first post TODAY WE BEGIN and go from there... The promts are great!

  4. Luisa's Journeys...

    1) Everything started here
    2) Free girly spirit
    3) Discovering the Boys
    4) Career Woman in the 80's
    5) Meeting Mr Right!
    6) Career change: Becoming a Mom!
    7) HR Fantasy world
    8) Scrapbooking launch
    9) Tales of a Teenage Super-Mom
    10) Best of all

  5. Thought provoking, as usual:
    1. A Child's Life
    2. On My Way
    3. Making My Own Way
    4. What Was I Thinking?
    5. Close To Death
    6. What A Miracle
    7. Single Mom
    8. The Professional Me
    9. My Walk With God
    10. A New Chapter

  6. If my life was a book with 10 chapters, the chapters would be:
    1. The Early Years
    2. The Teenangst Years
    3. The Bobby Years
    4. After the Rockslide
    5. College Years with Small Children
    6. Teaching - A Job to Love
    7. Grad School with Teenagers
    8. The Teen Wars
    9. Jay Time
    10. Grandmotherhood

  7. This was a tricky assignment. Very revealing but freeing at the same time. I liked it :) Here are my chapter titles::
    -Babies Change Everything
    -My Brother, My Friend
    -I Don't Care if I Graduate, Do You?
    -Finding Myself
    -Who's Your Daddy
    -By Design
    -A Better Way
    -I Do
    -A Farmer, You Say?