Monday, January 18, 2010

Truth Be Told

Our prompt today is TRUTH BE TOLD. There are so many places to go from that prompt. I can't wait to see where it leads you.

Many of you have emailed me and shared that you have fallen behind and are discouraged. PLEASE do not be. Writing in a journal every single day is commitment that is often very hard to make. After several times of stopping a project because I was behind I never set myself up like that . Over the years I have come to see that nothing is a big deal unless you make a big deal out of you missed some days ..NO BIG DEAL! Who told you you had to journal everyday or do every prompt for that matter? Remember this is YOUR journal, YOUR Life Spelled Out and you can do whatever you wish in it. You can write in your journal as much or as little as you wish. The important thing is that you do pick it up and write in it.

You have a FANTASTIC Monday.

Sending Love,


  1. "You Can't Handle the Truth"-Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men

    Truth is I'm not perfect. I have quirks, idiosyncrasies, neuroses and a need to control things.

    I'm absolutely petrified of bats. The kind that eat mosquitoes and hang upside down to sleep.
    Have one in your house dive bombing you at 6am and you wouldn't like them either.

    I do not like cluttered countertops in my kitchen and I really hate a dirty sink. No matter how many times I move things off the counters, my family puts something on them that belongs somewhere else. Scoure the sink to make it shine and you can count on my husband rinsing his coffee cup out and not rinsing the sink out. UGH!

    I wear mostly black, brown and blue. No matter how many times my girls' tell me I need more color in my wardrobe...I'm afraid of least on me. I'm a big girl, yellow reminds me of big bird, red reminds me of santa claus and orange a pumpkin.

    I have a thing for pajamas and nighties. They have to be soft, they can't have legs (bunch up when you roll around)and I want to look semi-pretty in them.

    I hate to fold laundry. Period.

    I drink my caffeine on ice. I don't like hot drinks and have never had a cup of coffee. I start out my day with a tall glass of ice tea.

    I love to garden, have roses blooming, watching things come to life. I read about gardening, I pretend to have a green thumb. But, I don't like to weed.

    I love to play Euchre with my husband as my partner. My grandparents taught me how to play when I was 5 and I would sit in for whoever had to get another drink or use the bathroom at their weekly Euchre games with their friends. My husband learned to play in the Navy and he's cut throat...together we usually win!

    I have to have music playing all the time. I don't like the silence. I have nap music, I have clean house music, I have sit on the patio music. We have speakers all over our house, even in the bathroom and outside.

    I like to control things...alittle too much actually. I'm working on this though. Growing up in a house full of addiction and abuse, makes me want to control the things that I can. I'm learning the differences of what I can control and what I can''s a rough learning process.
    I can't control my husband and his coffee rinsing...but I can clean out the sink!

  2. Truth to be told:
    - I like to sleep late.
    - Not a morning person at all
    - Love to drink cold coffee (prepare hot coffe and let it get cold)
    - Don't like to clean or cook
    - Some fabrics "itch" my skin
    - I am a controller
    - Love to be by myself (really enjoy me time)

  3. Discouragement and falling behind? Don't stess over it! In my journal I am writting down the orginal date of the prompt and then the date I am writting about it. It sure is helping me let go of my own exspectations, of how I think things should go in my own journal. Bottom line, I end up happier!

    I posted my truth be told on my blog if anyone is interested in reading