Friday, January 1, 2010

Today We Begin

Today we begin. We look at our journal or our art journal and the many white pages within the covers and some of us are intimidated. Be brave and forge on. Remember there is no right or wrong way to journal and your art is beautiful because it is part of who you are and YOU my friend are beautiful! You will come to believe that in your heart through our journaling journey.

Written Journals

Today our written journal prompt is to write a small bio as if you were introducing yourself to someone that has never met you. Add why you decided to write a journal and how you feel about that.

Please share your bio(if you wish) via the flickr group* or by posting a comment at the end of this post.I will be posting mine on Saturday before the next prompt.

Art Journals

You prompt this week is all about color. Use one color as a topic for your journal entry. Green with Envy, Red with desire, Feeling Blue. Let your imagination guide you.

Here is my example. I will also post it on our flickr group*

Flickr Group

Our group has been set up and by invitation only. If you wish to be part of that group to share and view journals and art journals please email your name and email address to me at


  1. My legal name is Tricia Ann Shoup. I'm also known as mom to my two beautiful daughters. My husband of 25 years calls me Mrs which I find endearing. My friends call me Trish. My birth family calls me Sis because I am the oldest of two children. In the Childhood Cancer Community I'm known as "Caitlin's Mom" which although leaves me without a name, it means I'm her support system. To the Perry High School Drumline, I'm "Momma Shoup", which means they're all my kids. My boss calls me a Blessing which makes me feel appreciated by him.
    To the person I pass in the mall or on the road, I'm annonymous. No identity. At 43 years old, I sometimes wonder where Tricia Ann went to in the years of being a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter and on and on.
    My goal for 2010 is to rediscover who "I" am from the inside out and back again.
    This is why this journal is important to me and I'm appreciative to Susan for allowing me to be part of it.
    I hope you all will call me Trish.

  2. To those art journaling, I found this on Wiki....

    I will be using it and Susan's prompts to kick start my creativity. Hope others find it useful.

  3. Off to dig up my journal from my suitcase! Can you invite me to the Flickr group?

  4. I'd like an invite to the flickr group! off to email ya now!

  5. wow, so verly lovely to meet you Trish!

  6. Hi everyone my name is Karen. I have an 18 yo daughter who is a freshman at Coastal Carolina University and a 10 yo son that is in the 5th grade at the elem. school almost acrossed the street from our house. Me, my boyfriend Rick and the kids live with my mother. I work full time away from the house.

    I want to thank Susan for inviting me to join this group via facebook. I am not good with keeping up with a journal but I think this group will help hold me accountable for following through. I hope to learn alot about myself and meet some nice people through doing this. My resolutions for 2010 are mostly craft related those being make atleast one scrapbook page and card a week, my non craft related resolution is to lose some weight ( I don't have a definate number to lose but I just want to feel better about myself) I hope to accomplish this by walking 7 flights of steps 3 days a week and playing the wii with my family for about 20 minutes a day.

    Nice to meet everyone please feel free to ask me any questions if you would like.

  7. Hi Everyone. My name is Beth. I am 51 yrs. old. I'm married 11 yrs. with 3 stepsons & daughter-in-law. 2 of my stepsons are "special needs" (mentally retarded) & live in Group Homes. I love them dearly!!

    I am blessed to have both of my parents living close. My mom turns 80 yrs. old in 3 weeks, my dad is a retired Methodist minister (79 yrs. old).

    At the age of 3, I KNEW I wanted to be a concert pianist and studied for that from the ages of 9-22. Because of life changes, I never made it to Juilliard (my teacher had prepared me & had the connections to get me in & I was ready to go).

    I taught choral music in public schools for 15 years, and now I teach private piano out of my home and LOVE it !!!!

    My closest relationship is with God. I have a very spiritual, gentle, sensitive heart. I ADORE cats.

    I have journaled since I was in college. It is important for my mental health. I'm a bit timid about sharing (something new for me), but need the friendship & acceptance of women.

    I can't wait to get to know you & make new friends! Much love to all!!!!!

  8. Just joined the Facebook Group this is going to be amazing

  9. Hello everyone....I just joined the Facebook Group also....I saw that a friend had joined and was curious. I'm so glad that I looked! This is going to be a wonderful journey and I can't wait to get started and to meet everyone here.

    I'm Dianne, a SAHM of 4. I've been through a whole lot and wouldn't even know where to start telling anyone. So, I'll just leave it at that right now. lol My husband was in the Air Force for 10 years, so we've done a lot of moving around. He's out now and we're pretty firmly planted where we are....I hope! I love all things crafty and being creative is my outlet and therapy. I look forward to meeting you all! :-)

  10. I am Linda in KY. My husband and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2010. We have 2 adult daughters, 2 grandchildren and 1 grandson/son we adopted and have raised since birth. He is 10 years old and is blessing and a joy. I have been caregiver to my mom with Alzheimers and 3 aunts for nearly 20 years. The last of the four passed in August, my aunt at nearly 96 years old. My hobby is Afternoon Tea. I blog about my passion for tea, and activities of family and friends. I met Susan through the common interest for afternoon tea I look forward to participating in this journey into journaling with Susan's help.

  11. My first art journal prompt is loaded to the flickr group and tally!! happy journaling ladies

  12. Hi, my name is BrendaJ and I found this through FB. I've done a heavy amt of written journaling over the last 6 1/2 yrs, working through much pain, heartbreak, and great loss. Many, many times, my journaling has ended up being letters to Jesus Christ, as I have poured my heart out. Then I go to His Word, and every single time through these years He has spoken back through his word, addressing my heart cries, and I get blown away all over again.

    I couldn't even begin to verbalize back over these last 10 yrs. I wouldn't wish them on anyone, however, I am stronger and my relationship with the Lord is definitely much stronger than where I was 10 yrs ago. My daughter (now 25 yr old) are very, very close now (I was a SM starting when she was 3), and through all my journaling I was also-3 yrs ago this Feb-able to write "I am an Artist. I've always been an Artist. I was born to be an Artist and here are the few names of people who knew and affirmed me for it as I grew up, even though my family would not allow me to be an artist nor persue my dreams". Getting to that one statement (one of many) took many yrs. I wouldn't trade written journaling for anything. The artist in me wants to try Art Journaling now. Many thnks for doing this, Susan!

  13. Posted my first art journal page.

  14. Hi! I am Kim Winter, and I go by KimWin in most of the groups. I will be 41 in a few weeks. Thinking of where I will be 10 years is interesting. My first grandchild is due in April, so in 10 years he will be 10!! I will have been with my husband 25 years! OMG!! Love this prompt, it is really making me think!

  15. I'm a bit late in actually "commenting", but I've been here!! My name is Sooz; I live in California with my hub, 2 small dogs, and 4 kitties. My life didn't work out for me to have kids. I work from home, mostly in the mornings, and do many creative things to fill my life -- write, sew, quilt, collage, paint, embroider, and whatever else I can experiment with. I have been journaling since I was about 12, but at about age 18, a friend convinced me to burn those early years (which I regret). But I have all the ones since then, and love going back to them now and then! I've altered some books with paint and collage, but haven't really gotten to where I think of them as art journals. For me, journal has to be free to just think and figure things out, so I'm currently on a journey, I guess, to figure out what an "art journal" would be, for me. I love reading about other people, so I do hope that people continue to comment and share!