Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Million Dollars

Imagine today you have won the lottery or Great Uncle Harold passed away and left you a million dollars. What would you do with a million dollars? Let your imagination go and write how you think you would REALLY spend or save that money as if it were really yours. I did this just a year ago and to my surprise my answers have changed a bit since then.

This is a fun exercise.

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Have a FANTASTIC Sunday!

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  1. A Million Dollars!

    This one is easy for me because I think about this every time I play the lottery.

    1. Pay off my house, bills, etc.
    2. Pay off Caitlin's student loans.
    3. Start a college fund for Courtney.
    4. Donate $100,000 to Ohio University in Memory of Michelle "Mick" Little. Her family has been wanting to start a scholarship in her name since she died. I would insure they got their dream and Mick got her honor.
    5. Buy a condo on a beach somewhere on the Gulf Coast for getting away to.
    6. Invest for the future.
    7. Share with my family (parents, sister)
    8. Sleep at night because I wouldn't worry about where or how the money was coming from for school lunch, gas for vehicles, milk till payday, etc is going to come I do now.

  2. With a Million Dollar´s I will:
    1) Pay my house
    2) Pay debts
    3) Save money for College and Master Degree for my both daughters
    4) Pay my mom to re-model her house
    5) Take my grandma and mom to visit 2 great places they want (of couse with my dds)
    6) Help my sister with her mortage (to reduce debt)
    7) Buy a new car for me
    8) Buy a car for both of my daughters
    9) Launch my sb business
    10) Donate to Haiti
    11) Start a savings account for retirment
    12) Help my cousin to reduce her credit card debts

    Nice prompt...

  3. Oh there are so many things I'd love to do with this type of windfall but the things I'd have to do come first.
    1) Get my husband a good doctor that will fix his pain instead of drowing it in medications.
    2) Get all our bills paid off
    3) Put some money away so we'll not be totally broke once I do the following...
    4) give to more to the charities I donate to
    5) travel I'd love to be able to take some of my crafting sisters on a cruise so that we could all just relax, create and enjoy.