Saturday, January 16, 2010


Last Saturday I shared with you that our prompt today would be for you to write about the random act of kindness you did this week and how it made you feel. For those that forgot or are new this week it is not too late. Do a random act sometime today and write. It can be as easy as picking up the phone and calling someone you have been out of touch with or dropping an encouraging card in the mail to someone that you know is down. Whatever the act it will take us outside of ourselves, if even for a short amount of time, and that my a good thing.

I have posted two other post today that I encourage you to look at. The first is introducing a fantastic Art Journal Blog and the second is a featured Art Journal Page.

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Have a FANTASTIC Saturday.

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  1. For my random act of kindness....My son has a field trip coming up to see the dance performance of Lily Cai. Unfortunately there are kids in his class whose parent's cannot afford to pay for their tickets. So I emailed his teacher and told her I'd pay for several more so hopefully everyone will be able to attend. The economy has been so tough on people this year, but my husband and I have been very fortunate that neither of has been affected. My heart goes out to those that have and hopefully this helps a little.

  2. Random Acts...
    This week my involved the airport security line. You have to basically disrobe down to your underwear and put everything in these bins that aren't big enough for your stuff.
    I alone take up 4 with all my crap. At the curb, I had seen a young man telling his dad goodbye and dad telling him to have a safe trip...probably 16 years old. He was in line behind me, so as I undressed for security...I reached back and grabbed 5 bins for him. He said thank you and put everything in one bin. So, I told'll have to separate everything, take your laptop out (separate bin), your shoes and belt off, etc...and he just looked at me wide eyed. I said, "If you stuff everything in one bin they think you are trying to hide something". So he did as I suggested and on the other end, while redressing in front of the I was walking away, I hear "Mame, Mame" I turn and he says "thank you" as he's trying to put on one shoe and buckle his belt at the same time!

    I must admit I had more random acts of kindness done for me this past week. My hotel keycard quit working literally and everything was in my room (of course I was downstairs having breakfast when this thing decides to die). The hotel was trying frantically to get ahold of maintence while I'm at the desk and make a comment about wish I at least had my purse with some money and a cigarette. A man handed me a cigarette and another person gave me some matches. As I walked outside the hotel, the hotel manager comes chasing after me with his trench coat so I wouldn't be cold in the Missouri wind. Then there is the guy who literally removed the entire door off my room so I could get in and get my things.

    My favorite random act of kindness that I do frequently is to leave coupons on items in the grocery store that I don't need or won't use. So, if you see a random coupon on a box of cereal one day...I may be in line ahead of you!

  3. My RAK this week, was to raise money at my work to sent to Haiti people.
    They are devastated and if could all contribute with a little is huge help for them...