Monday, July 11, 2011

Owner Of A Broken Heart

Welcome back To Your Life Spelled Out.

Great News! Your Life Spelled Out will be avaliable in Journal form soon for those of you that prefer to write instead of type your journaling. I have been working very hard on this project and it has paid off. I will keep you updated.

We will start back into our journaling with a subject that is familiar to everyone. We will write about our broken heart. What is breaking your heart right now? What or who broke it in the past? Are you in pain now? How did you work through your pain before? These are all questions to prompt your journaling today.

I suggest free form journaling for this prompt. Free form journaling is simply writing from your heart without editing anything in your mind before you write it down. In other words write it like no one will ever read it. Write it and throw it away if you must but this is the only path to true healing.

I will do this assignment with you as it is a very appropriate prompt for me in my life right now.

Let your pen and your tears flow. You will feel better. I promise.

Sunshine and Peace,