Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today your prompt is the word Escape. What does that word mean to you? What do you escape into? Some of you are thinking."That's ridiculous, I don't "escape", I am grounded, I am a realist"! My question to you is ARE YOU SURE? When life gets tough what do you dive into? Did you know that escape comes in many forms? Here are a few examples. Spending, Eating, Drinking, Reading, Hobbies, Television, Movies, Drugs (yes even the Tylenol P.M. that you take every single night because you are afraid you will not sleep unless you do), Denial and Relationships! There are many more. I have listed only a few.

Most of the things that I listed are good things. They only become unhealthy when we use them to hide from or escape from pain or the pressures of everyday life. Everything is a balancing act. It is important to recognize harmful behavior, otherwise we will never address it and change it and nothing will ever change.

On Friday our topics will lighten up and will be fun for a few days. You have worked very hard this week and I am proud of you.

Today is the last day to post or to upload on Flickr for the giveaways. I will announce the winners after the prompt on Friday.

Have a fantastic Thursday.

Sending You Love,


  1. Love the prompts that you share everyday! Thanks so much! And how do I escape? By reading! I read all the time, and it is definately escapist fiction. I started reading very young and I have always been able to escape into a book.

  2. Susan, your promts are great!!! They are helping me to realize a lot of things. I scape in two ways 1) scrapbooking /creating something and 2) sleeping - this is the bad scape for me. It means that I am denying the issue...

  3. I escape by creating and organizing things.

  4. I escape in a variety of ways, depending on what the need for escape is. Reading is one my best escapes. There’s nothing like losing yourself in words and getting carried away in the story.

  5. Escape from...

    Escaping depends on what I'm escaping from.

    My best escape is to stand in the shower for a long time with all the water tiles/shower heads going. I do my best thinking in the shower.

    After a long day, if time allows, a hot bath in my soaking tub works well with candles lite.
    (notice the water theme here...maybe becauase I'm a Pisces)

    I love to go to Glazed and Amused and just unwind and let my creative juices flow also. Here no one is bothering me and I can't see the dust bunnies that I feel I should be cleaning instead of relaxing.

    My ultimate escape is my backyard patio...we've done a ton of work in our back yard the past few years from a new patio to new gardens. I love to sit out there in the evenings and just look at the flowers and watch all the critters around the feeders. Hard to do in an Ohio winter, but spring is around the corner.

  6. I have a few escapes that are good, healthy creating, reading, listening to music, rocking on the front porch, the beach....BUT...I have some that aren't so "pretty"....drinking, pill popping, sex, driving fast, pain (like tattoos or peircings...nothing self-inflicted).