Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heads up and todays prompt!

What would your attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? THIS IS YOUR PROMPT FOR TODAY!

Your prompt today will require you to look with in. Do you know the answer to this prompt immediately? or does it require a bit of soul searching?

You HEADS UP is that one week from today..your prompt will be this.
My random act of kindness this week was _________________. Then you will be asked to write what kind of impact this made on you.

Just like our once a month gratitude list , once a month we will focus on doing something for someone else. Perhaps you buy the person behind you in the Starbucks drive through their coffee and then drive off, perhaps you send a card or a letter to someone that you know that needs encouragement, perhaps you spend time with a family member that you have not been to see for a while, perhaps you drop off cookies at a neighbors or nursing home. For those with financial resources perhaps you pay a bill for someone that is out of work. These are just a few examples..the list is endless.Whatever your random act is , next Saturday you will journal about how it made you feel to get outside of yourself and give of yourself for that brief moment . You have the power to bring joy into someones life. How will you do that?

Have a Great Saturday!



  1. thank you for these prompts Susan. i'm approaching my journal a different way...I'm doing a 2 page background and then adding each daily prompt to the spread somewhere...hope it works out like I've imagined it too...

    Here's the link to the 1st few days -
    Week 1

    and here's the link to Monday - today's prompts. I'll add tomorrows to it after it's posted tomorrow.
    Week 2

  2. If I would not fail...I'd go back to college and get my degree in psychology.
    I've always liked to help people. I never realized it until later in life, but I was always the 'go to girl' in High School whenever anyone had a problem. I never felt that wise, but realize now that I have alot of miles under my belt. Death of a parent at a young age. Alcohol abuse in my family of origin, along with emotional and physical abuse. Navy wife (which will teach you a ton of things you never thought the need to know), mother of a childhood cancer survivor. Moving away from small town Ohio to a bigger broader world of people and places.
    I do have alot to offer in way of things I know, have done, have tried and experienced. This is a good thing for a psychologist, because I think you have to be able to empathize and I could easily do that in most situations.
    So, why don't I go back to college? Because I'm not a good book learner. I transpose numbers (which my bank hates). I'm a hands on learner. I hardly made it through high school, except for the History teacher who had enough compassion to take me in the hall and ask me the test questions outloud and let me answer them to pass. So, I feel like I would be wasting my time, money and energy to go listen to someone tell me about the very things I have already experienced and give me a piece of paper that says I'm allowed to offer advice. I'm not for one minute knocking the people that go to college and become successful. College is a wonderful thing if you have the time and patience to sit and do all the work. I'd become frustrated with myself for not being able to pass the tests, even though I knew the material required.

    So, I'm not a book smart person. They use to call it street smart...I call it experience of life.
    I'm okay with being the 'go to girl' for those in need. Plus I don't charge an hourly fee and there's no insurance forms to fill out.