Sunday, January 24, 2010


We have all had a song, movie, quote, speech or something reach down into the very depth of us and move us to an emotional place where we seldom visit. There are a few songs that move me like this. I have also had movies and often times art that move me in a powerful way but nothing moves me to tears like certain songs or music. I have been in the middle of singing or listening to a song and had to stop because it overtakes me. I have been in the middle of listening to Beethoven and felt like something just took my breath away. What MOVES you like that?

How are my Art Journalersdoing with the prompt OUCH this week? That is certainly open to wide interpretation. I can't wait to see your art.

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Have a Peace Filled Sunday.

Sending Love,

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  1. I love this prompt!

    "It's easier to believe the bad things"...Julia Roberts to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman

    "It's NOT your fault"...Robin Williams to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting

    "Eat to Much, Love to Much, Drink to Much, TOOOOO MUCH" Lyrics by Dave Matthews

    Elton John- " I guess that's why they call it the blues" song. I listened to this repeatedly when Doug was away in the Navy.

    Eric Clapton- "Beautiful Tonight" song. This is Doug and I's song and whenever we hear it, no matter where we are, we stop and dance to it. (much to our children's chagrin)

    Bob Segar's song "Old Time Rock n Roll". My mother loved this song and would turn it up, sing and dance. Those are great memories!

    The words "Childhood Cancer" or a child with cancer...stir up all kinds of emotions in me.

    "Where there is great love, there are miracles" by Willa Cather