Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Are Going To LOVE This!!

I must share with you how excited I am to be involved again this year with the year long art journal prompts of my friend Rachel Whetzel. Rachel is an amazing young woman with a tremendous artistic gift and more importantly the gift of encouraging everyone to create art. Everyone is an artist and art lives inside of you waiting to burst out according to Rachel. Rachel and Sarah Rice (my daughter) are the two people responsible for my own entry into the creative art world. I had been journaling and mentoring journaling for years, but the art process of art journaling opened up even more of the creativity that I knew lay dormant with in me.

All of my Art Journal Friends I encourage you to follow along with us in the bi-weekly prompt blog that Rachel has created. This year she will feature 6 guest host. Two of her host are also friends of mine, Nikki Zimmer and Susan Alton. They are amazing . Nikki's Daily Journal is featured in our Flickr Group as she is part of You Life Spelled Out as well.

Here is the blog address

You can always directly link to A Year in the Life of an Journal from this blog. The link can be found in the lower right hand corner of this page.

I know you will love this...You can thank me later! (smile)


  1. I signed up last night while following links off of the group - still have the tab open on my screen so that I could go back and read from Jan.1 forward! It is meant to be. ; )

    Thank you for all the inspiration Susan, I have been an avid journaler most of my life - but I'm trying to dig in a little deeper instead of just writing the irritations from my day.

  2. Rachels prompts are great.
    Thanks a lot for the prompts Susan. I finally started Friday to write in my written, which I am doing online. Is this ok? I figure out it was easier for me to keep up. I am in the process of journaling for the first 14 days of the month.
    Finally decided for my ART JOURNAL book and am going to start today, since my 2 daughters have their own schedule today....