Sunday, January 3, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Did you know that counting and acknowledging your blessings is one of the keys to unlocking real happiness in your life? In all my years of mentoring women in writing daily gratitude journals I have found that what has always been an easy task for me is often a very difficult undertaking for some. I share this because it is important to realize that we are all going to struggle with a prompt at some point in this journey and that is normal.

Let's start with the definition of BLESSING. It is
Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity.

Today we will list 10 blessings in our lives. We will do this in a manor that is beneficial for us and that achieves the goals we have for this journal. For example , you can simply write the numbers 1 through 10 in your journal and state your blessing or you can elaborate on why this is a blessing to you.

1. my husband Skip
2. my daughter Sarah
3. my daughter Hannah


1. I am blessed among women to have Skip as my husband. Our relations exceeds all of my expectations and his love has healed me in so many ways.

2. My oldest daughter Sarah is such a blessing to me. We are so much alike in so many ways from our character defects to our strengths and gifts. When she was a teen those likenesses often caused friction but now as an adult the same likenesses enable us to communicate without even using words, to know what the other is thinking, to share the same passion for art, cooking, baking, musicals etc.
What a gift that is.

3. My youngest daughter Hannah is the baby of the family. She moved out of our home this year and into her own making me an official empty nester. I didn't know until she was gone what joy she brought to my life on a daily basis. We have been close for years and I honestly felt like a part of me walked out the door when she did. I am blessed by knowing that no matter how old she is or where she is in life, that bond will always be there. I am blessed by watching her grow into her own person and into an adult.

In concussion, I need to share with you that this counting your blessings thing will be a monthly assignment. Each month I will ask you to write 10 more blessings (different ones) so at the end of 2010 as you enter into 2011 you can look back and read all 120 blessings that you have listed and go into the new year knowing how truly blessed you are.


  1. My 10 Blessings for January

    1. My mother. Jan 6th will mark the anniversary of her death, 28 years ago. I was 15 and she was 35. I got my creativity from my mother and for this I am very grateful. I also learned survival from her death and although I miss her everyday of my life, those survival techniques have served me well over the years.

    2. My husband. Who took me on a great adventure when he was serving our country in the Navy. Who has recently shown me that change is possible in the face of adversity.

    3. My daugther Caitlin, age 21, who I'm so proud of for her ability to overcome obstacles and her drive to be a better person.

    4.My daugther Courtney, age 14, who is the most loving, creative and thoughtful child I have ever met in my life. What you see is what you get with Courtney and I love that about her.

    5. My granny. Who took me in after my mother died and continued to raise me. She is the one person who taught me what it is to be Christian, she did't just talk the talk, she walked the walk. It was my pleasure to be the last person to feed her, bath her and be reading the Bible to her as she passed on to another life.

    6.My 4 cats-Snoopy, Tippy, Milo and Millie. Who are a constant source of amusement and unconditional love.

    7. My home. Which I love and not only gives me a roof over my head, but gives me a sense of security and roots.

    8.Jared, my future son-in-law...who loves my daughter unconditionally and makes her happy.

    9. My craft room-which even though I don't have the time right now to spend's always waiting on me to return.

    10. My job. Since my husband has been unemployed for the past 6 months, my job allows me to provide for my family.

  2. Great prompts! I have been writing in my journal every morning. So glad I found the inspiration.

  3. This is so incredible. Thank you to my friend Lisa Fulmer who posted this site on her FB page!