Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super You and Journal Spotlight

If you could have any super power what would it be and why? Think about the fictional cartoon characters and let your imagination go..This is a fun assignment so stop being so serious and have fun with it.

I have a question for those of you keeping a written journal. What are you using for your journal? Is it a notebook, an actual journal, a sketchbook? It can be anything you want because it is afterall YOUR journal. I just love to see or hear of all the different ways that you are journaling. Below I highlighted a journal made by Nicole Laird (as seen on our Flickr group) to journal the prompts form Your Life Spelled Out. I would love to hear what you are using for your journal, or if you are only doing the art journal prompts(What you are using for your art journal) or if you are jounraling online. Please share.

The giveaway this week is WRECK THIS JOURNAL and the winner will be randomly drawn from the people that have left comments this week.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Sending Love,
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  1. I am using a book I made myself that has a braided spine. It's sturdy, beautiful and I want to pick it up and write in it.

  2. I am wearing the biggest smile right now!! Thank you so much, Susan, for spotlighting my journal!! ---It is one of those $1 marbled composition books from Wal-mart. I crackle painted it, put a wash of white glue and water over top, and decorated from there.
    Thanks again!! :0)

  3. I am using a book that I bought on clearance at Barnes and Noble, but I know that the pages will run out before the end of the year.I will probably move to a composition book then.

  4. Using a spiral bound journal found on clearance at Borders 2 years ago! Love those spiral bound books!!!

  5. The journal I am using is by Mead and is a Jumbo Journal with ruled paper, 340 perforated removeable pages. It even has a ribbon bookmark ;o) It was under $10

    My art journal is a medium moleskin journal I got at my local art supply store sale last summer.

  6. My journal is one of those child's primary note books with the wide rule! Nothing fancy.

  7. Super Human Powers...

    I'd like to be a FLY ON THE WALL. Guess that is not really super human, but everyone has made this comment before. You'd just like to be at the right place at the right time. Maybe to hear your boss say something nice about you, or discover some unjustice in our gov't and bring it to the nations attention. See your child have his or her first slow dance at their first formal.
    So many options are open when you are a long as there is no fly swatter in sight.

  8. I'm actually jounrnaling on my blog.
    Loving it.

  9. I'm using a thrifted book that I've altered with the regulars: gesso, spray paint, ink, paint, masking tape, watercolor pencils and of course the old Sharpie!

  10. I am using an inexpensive spiral bound journal with a pink cover and pink pages. I don't know where or when I got it. I have a "thing" for journals and notebooks and have a bunch in my supply closet.

  11. For my written journal, I am using an online dairy site on a daily basis, so I don't forget the first idea I got when read the prompt.

    For my art journal, I am using an 6x6 or 7x7 (not sure) spiral bound notebook that I have had for more then 10 years now...

  12. If I had a super power, it will be MULTIPLICITY!
    I would love to be able to have 2 more Luisas:
    One to go to work.
    One to scrapbook adn create
    Original to spend time with my daughters and family!
    This will be awesome!