Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Today your prompt is What Makes You Happy. Some of you are thinking "you have go to be kidding me, that's not a very thought provoking prompt" while still others are thinking "what if I can't think of anything that makes me happy". I challenge all of you that think this prompt will be an easy one to really dig deep. I mean what is happiness really? Do you need to look up the meaning?


1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.
2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.

There are many small daily things that make me happy.

When Skip brings me coffee while I am still in bed every morning...
Stopping at Starbucks for a non fat latte
Hearing my grandchildren laugh or even seeing them smile
Feeling organized
Going to Musicals or Plays
Going to the Movies
Doing ANYTHING Artsy or Creative

and then there are many more deeply rooted areas of my life that make me happy

A Solid Spiritual Foundation * Because without this there is no REAL Happiness
My relationship with my mother
When our entire family is together
My relationship with my husband
Spending time with my children
Having two friends in my life that I know will always be part of my life
Happy is the feeling I get when I am accomplishing what I need to do and staying on target (a project, a book I am writing,organizing, exercising, eating for my health).
I am Happy that I live in a FREE country

For those of you that stare at the blank paper in front of you and can not think of anything at all that makes you happy..I think it is safe to say you are depressed. This is why this exercise is so important. If you honestly can not find a thing that you are happy about please email me at smsummerville@hotmail.com and I will refer you to some reading material that might help along with a few other prompts just for you.

Have a HAPPY day!


  1. I just found you and subscribed. Is it to late to start?

  2. Weather: Fresh Fallen Snow before it's been driven on or plowed or walked through-in it's purest state. Spring rain when you know the flowers will come alive, the smell, the cleansing of the earth.

    Blue: the color Blue! Blue Skies, Blues Music, Blue Walls, Blue Jeans, Blue Water, Blue Eyes.

    Helping Others: I feel good to help others. From my volunteer work, to designing a kitchen to saving plastic bags for Great Grandma Shoup.

    Friends: Navy Friend Memories, other cancer moms and dads, the nurturing of women to women, to Christine, Robin, Ravonda and Kathy always making me feel special.

    Thanksgiving: No expectations, no gifts, no rituals: just family together enjoying each other. Instead of a prayer, we go around the table and tell what we are thankful for that year. I love to hear everyone's answers.

    A Nap: I love naps...be it 10 minutes or an hour. To wake up refreshed and ready to take on the second half of the day!

    Sex: the ultimate in communication and love shared with my husband. Our private time connect in a way only two people can.

    Water: the ocean especially. The vastness of it never ending on the horizon, the smell, the taste, the sound, the power of nature.

    Creativity: in all forms. From pottery, to architecture,to photography, to scrapbooking, to coloring with my daughters. Creativity unleashes your inner child and art does not have to be perfect.

    My daughters: for all that they are and their individualism. They are my greatest achievment.

    My husband: who makes a mean meatloaf, takes care of me when I'm sick, has a great butt, keeps my feet warm at night and loves me lumps, bumps and all.

    Chocolate: the ultimate food group!