Sunday, February 7, 2010

Your People

I am home from Asia. Thank you to all of you that sent emails, facebook mail messages and blog postings with birthday wishes. It meant a great deal to me.

Today your prompt is MY PEOPLE. Who are YOUR people? The people you count on day to day for love and support? Is there someone that you know will ALWAYS be there for you? Do you have a special friend or family member that you can trust and confide in? Write about Your People and your relationship with them..if it is a friend maybe write about how you met and how your friendship has grown over the years.

I was reminded of who some on My People were when I became very ill on the plane on the first leg of our trip home (from Hong Kong to Tokyo). I spent most of that flight in the bathroom. Upon boarding the second plane from Tokyo to the US I started feeling remarkable better out of nowhere, then completely better. I found out when I returned home that my husband had text my mom in Tokyo and asked her to pray for me and she made a call to one of my best friend who in turn emailed a pray request out to a group of friends of ours. PRAISE GOD for friends that stand in the gap. Praise God for MY PEOPLE.

Who are Yours?

Have a wonderful Sunday and SUPERBOWL day!

Sending Love,

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  1. People come into your life for a REASON...

    I've had many people over the years. I have a long string of Navy Wives that without their freindship, support and love, I would of never survived those years. Some I've lost contact with, others I still email with everyday, others just a catch up Christmas card. But, each and everyone of them touched me, taught me something and enriched my life in some way.

    My friends: Christine, Ravonda and Kathy. Kathy is an old Navy Wife that I still keep in contact with via email and see every few years. She's good for me becauase she calls me on my 's**t'. Ravonda, a cancer mom, who I've only ever met once in person, but supports me and keeps me grounded. Christine is like a mising at birth sister. She gets me, she supports me, she makes me laugh. When Caitlin had cancer: she (along with her family) organized a huge fundraiser for us, she let me call her at 5am to cry from the hospital, she fought for me at work. I may not see her as much as I would like to, but when we get together there is no expansion of time what-so-ever. A few years ago, Christine was in horrific accident and her family called me, I immediatly flew to her side. In that room, when all I could recognize was her beautiful hands, I knew this was a person that I wanted in my life for a LIFETIME.
    I'd also like to mention two ladies I work with, but don't see enough. Karen...She's very nurturing to me, which I need. She's enlightened me to a new sense of spirituality. I am very grateful she has come into my life.
    Lana, who has a way of making me feel special for the person that I am and reminds me that is wonderful to be a woman.

    Then there is Chuck. Chuck keeps me sane, calls me out on my self esteem issues, sets me back on the right path and loves me even though I'm not petite and blonde.

    My family...we are not perfect-some would even say disfunctional. But, in a time of crisis or comes first. That I can count on.

    My husband and my daughters...who make life more bearable and remind me why I'm even here on earth.