Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice and comfy

I am getting ready to get on a plane in Vietnam and fly back to Malaysia for another day of business. Thinking about everyone at home and looking forward to being back there soon.

Before I give you the prompt for Thursday I wanted to let you know that on Friday we will have a guest host. Sarah Rice (my daughter) will give us the written AND the art journal prompt. She has been taking care of you all week by copying and pasting everything I send to her. You are in for a treat. She is one of the most creative and artistic people I know. Sarah will also spotlight one of the flickr uploads. I am excited to see and to do her prompts. I found out this week that I will be back in Asia for a week to finish this project in March so Sarah will be a big part of what we are doing during that week as well.

Our prompt today is (When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Why? Was it on purpose? Stepping out of our ZONE is perhaps one of the best catalyst to personal growth.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Sending Love,


  1. Comfort Zone...
    I'm actually a shy person when getting to know people for the first time. Once I know you I'm fine, but it's that first encounter. I think it's a fear of rejection, so I'd prefer the other person make the first comment. I can talk in public (like tradeshows or for my job) because I'm talking about something I KNOW about and I'm comfortable with. But, to just walk up to the same people and start talking and getting to know them....I can't do it. I can sit in a meeting and offer my opinion on change or ideas... but to sit with the very same people at lunch and chit chat...can't do it until I know them awhile.

    That bothers me about myself, because I don't want to come across as rude or stuck up. I'm sure people have thought that of me though.

  2. Tricia.... I am the exact same way!