Sunday, February 21, 2010

And Today As I Count My Blessings

I woke up today in an awful mood. I had plenty of reasons (in my head) to be in this frame of mind...but do I really want to be here? Do I really want to waste my entire day visiting resentment and self pity? NO..I have a wonderful day planned. We are going to church, I am spending time with my youngest daughter looking for a wedding dress and then we are having a family birthday party at our house where we will celebrate the birthdays of my youngest son and myself.

How to get out of this mood?? As you know each month we take one day and write down 10 blessings in our life..(the only rule is they can not be the same blessing you have written down before).. There is nothing like gratitude to get one out of oneself.

So that is our prompt today. This is our February blessing prompt.

Have a FANTASTIC day. If you are having a bad on..start over again. Remember, we can start our day over anytime we want.

Sending Love,

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  1. name them one by one, see what God has done! this prompt is truly a valuable response to adversity that comes each day, sometimes several times a day! ;)