Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Get Personal

As this is a prompt blog I rarely discuss what is going on in my life at the moment as I save that for facebook and my other blog. However, this needs to be shared. On Monday a dear friend found out that her 30 year old son had died of a heart attack.This soul wrenching news has come as a total shock to all of us that know and love her. He was only 30 and it was sudden and unexpected.

Who do we need to reconcile with, say I love you to, share how much you love them, forgive? Who are you taking for granted?

Make that list in your journal today and then start taking action. Take action daily, make this list monthly.

Life is precious, a gift and we never know when someone we love will pass. Further more our own mortality is as fleeting. Ask yourself what you would do or say to someone if you knew you would not have a chance to tomorrow. That can be the catalyst for your list.

Sending Love,


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  1. I cannot think of a specific time, place or person ....rather I would apologize to everyone that I have ever hurt, lashed out in anger at, gave a sharp tongued word to. It is never my intentino to hurt someone, but rather to leave them better than I found them.