Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is

Today as many people celebrate Valentines Day with their significant other there are many people that find themselves alone. Valentines Day alone can be very painful. But is romantic love the only kind of love to celebrate? Today your prompt is to write about love in your life. The love of family, friends, children,a significant other. Write about what makes you feel loved and how you show love to others. This sounds life a simple exercise but I think you will find that it requires a great deal of thought.

There is a wonderful book called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman that describes the five different love languages and how each of us feel loved by one or more of them and when you find how your significant other, child, or other loved one feels love and apply that to them..they feel abundantly loved at all times. We will talk about all five of them this week. I think you will find it a fascinating journey.


Sending Love,

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  1. Valentine's...

    St Valentine. Shoe boxes covered in construction paper with little colorful messages inside. Hallmark cards. Box full of chocolates (Forest Gump). Tucked into bed at night with a hug and a kiss. Breakfast in bed. Your favorite flowers. A gentle rub across the small of your back. Hello old friend. Thank you. Job well done. Mother's Day. Presents for no reason. Chick flick. Free day on the calender. Music. Color. Comfort Food. I Love You.