Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Life can be difficult. In order to reach our dreams and goals we must have determination. Be determined that you will not let people, negative thinking, weariness, stress, life circumstances or anything else stand between you and what you are determined to do or achieve. We must press on through the hard times, through the times we want to give up. Today write about a time that you have given up on a dream or a goal and what made you give up. Then write about a dream or goal that you have now and think of actions you can do when you feel like giving up that will keep you on course. Make sure you write them down as well. Share your dream or goal with someone and ask them to help you be accountable when your determination is waning. Write down the NAME of that person in your journal.

Have a joyful Wednesday.

Sending Love,


  1. I have met my goals of getting my BA and MA in education. My biggest dream has been to write a novel. I am committing to writing my novel this year.

  2. When I was younger, I wanted to go to college to be an interior designer. My dream was to be a "Window Designer" in NYC for all the big department stores. Where the displays are like big stories, not just manniquins adverstising clothing. No one in my family had ever gone to college and I think out of ignorance by my father at the time, I was told no. No because I would have to pay for it myself (didn't have a clue how to do that), I would have to support myself (once your 18, you're on your own) and I wasn't smart enough (didn't have good grades in school).
    Now I design kitchen and baths for a living. I love it! So, I'm going to work on getting my certification in Kitchen and Bath Design. Took me a long while to get from a dream to somewhere close...but at least I can see it more as a reality.