Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday we identified three things(or more) that we struggle with. Today we will talk about some of the ways that you can start overcoming the struggles that rule you.

I will use myself as an example here. Yesterday I shared that three things (and believe me there are many more) that I struggle with are PROCRASTINATION, TIME MANAGEMENT and COMFORT(STRESS) EATING.

First you need to decide how serious you are about overcoming your challenge and make a commitment to yourself that you are going to work on this for YOU.

We will use the example of comfort(stress) eating (one of my struggles). Last year I DECIDED that enough was enough. I knew food would not make anything better and as a matter of fact it had made things worse. I had gained weight and felt bad about myself on top of the other reasons I found myself comfort(stress) eating.

So I made the decision I would stop this behavior and I have for the most part. I still find myself reaching for the ice cream or wanting a bowl of pasta when things are very stressful but now I am aware of every time this happens.

I started by writing down when I felt like eating and recorded what was going on until I started to see the pattern..that EVERY TIME I felt overwhelmed I wanted something to eat.

I had to replace this habit so for a while every time I felt that urge I would do something else instead. I would write about it. I would write about how hard it was and how I wanted to give up too. I also wrote about my victories. I found that at the end of last year I was very rarely stress eating (and when I did I was aware of what I was doing which made it even harder to do it) AND I had lost 40 pounds.

This year I am working on Time Management and Procrastination (both of which relate to each other in my life). The process will be the same. I will write down every time it happens, determine what is going on, record how I feel when I overcome (which has been different than eating) sometimes when I wrote about how I wasn't eating but wanted to I felt angry or somehow cheated out of my craving..but when I write about not caving into procrastionation I feel WONDERFUL!

SO...your prompt today is to write down what you will do this year to help you overcome something you are struggling with.

Wednesday we will have a FUN prompt. See you then.

Have a terrific day!

Sending Love,


  1. thanks for the elements of a plan of action... i'll be incorporating an "overcoming-love" behavior & tone to replace my intolerance... relying on God as my source, i have scripture available for guidance & determination & strength during the process...in my research, i discovered that i am to treat folks as God treats believers, for what they will be transformed into, the image of Christ, NOT for what they think or say or do right now. that's where the over-coming love comes in...i will still abide by my margins & boundaries for balance tho...i'll make note cards with scripture, study a Proverbs every day, i'll read the book sandpaper people by mary southerland AND i have an accountability partner...now for the practice, practice, practice! thanks for sparking me on with this prompt... ;)

  2. I will have to check out Sandpaper People!

  3. Well, I'm being more aware of what makes me angry and trying to figure out why I get so angry. Journaling about it. I'm being more aware of what I put in my mouth and why I'm putting it in my mouth. I'm also trying to step away from my office and remember that it will still be there tomorrow and I can't make the rest of the world work like I do. Through Journaling, Spiritualism and counseling, I'm coming to grip with many things in my life right now.