Monday, February 8, 2010

Time to Deal

Your prompt today is DEALING! What do you need to DEAL with in your life right now that you have been avoiding? Do you have a habit you need to break?, Someone you need to confront?, bills that you have been avoiding?, someone you need to forgive? I know this is a tough prompt but I have faith that you can DEAL with it. You can you know? You can get through this and deal with it no matter what it is. Taking the first step is ALWAYS the hardest part of dealing. If you need to share with or just unload to someone that is neutral about what you are dealing with you can email me ( out fear of judgment or fear of lose of confidentiality. We all need someone to talk to.

Oh and ..I promise you are going to feel better after you have taken the first step (even if it is just acknowledging you need to deal with something).

Have a terrific day and I promise that on Tuesday our prompt will be a fun one.

Sending Love,


  1. Something that I avoid thinking about is money. I have terrible spending habits and I dread talking with fiances with my husband.

  2. Dealings...
    This is easy for me. I'm a co-dependent of many sorts. I've been through co-dependents annonymous before, but lost my way. I'm back on track now. I'm taking my personal inventory and working a new word everyday. Todays word was RESENTMENT. I typed out 4 pages of resentments. My life is full of many addictions either by me or those that I love. Myself, I need to get a handle on my need to fill a void with food. I need to get over my feelings of worthliness and improve my self esteem. I'm seeing a private counselor and I keep a personal journal. I recently was introduced to 'enlightenment' which has opened a new dialoge and added enrichment to my life.
    My biggest challenge is the 12 step prayer in...the wisdom to know the difference. The difference in what is mine to take on and what I can change...and what is left to those that need to own their own crap and I can't fix.