Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I attended a luncheon where Jessica Clements was the key note speaker. Jessica is a local solider that had a 2% chance of living after being hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan 6 years ago. You may have seen her on Oprah or World News Tonight. She talked about perseverance, about attitude, gratitude, never taking things or people for granted,the importance of giving back or service and not playing the victim card or feeling sorry for yourself . She said one thing that helped her focus on her blessings instead of her tragedy was helping others. Six years later Jessica still has to go to physical therapy. She had to learn to walk and read again and has permanent visual damage. She is attending Akron University with the goal of working at the VA to help other soldiers make through . She is not feeling sorry for herself and is focusing on others instead and has found that to bring a great amount of gratitude and happiness into her life. She also knows that if she had felt sorry for herself she would have never had the strength to work so hard to recover.

What at timely luncheon considering our topic this week.

Today our prompt is to look at how feeling sorry for ourselves and playing the victim only throws us into the pit of despair. Is there any area of your life that you are doing this ? Maybe you hate your job, or you are in a bad relationship or finances are bleak. Perhaps you have lost your job, or your health. The real question to ask is how can feeling sorry for ourselves HELP us? Can it make us feel better? Can it motivate us to move forward? Can it help us think about living in a solution instead of living in the problem?

Some of you are thinking "How dare you, if you were in My situation then......".
Please know that I have no judgment and please know this is coming from a person that has felt sorry for herself and played the victim card at some point in her life and has found that getting out of myself and being grateful for what is RIGHT in my life is the best way to pull myself up and out of the dismal black of self pity. So I am speaking from experience.

Have a GRATEFUL kind of day!

Sending Love,

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