Sunday, June 13, 2010

Teacher Teacher

Our prompt today is to journal about a teacher or person that really made a difference in your life. Who believed in you, encouraged you or inspired you to be a better you? Were you fortunate enough to have a teacher that did this? Was there someone else in your life that did?

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Sending Love,


  1. Mine was Mrs. Butler, my third grade teacher. She lived behind my grandmother. I couldn't get away with anything! And now I am a teacher.... coincidence? I think not.....

  2. aahhh, recalling ms. lilla mckinney...she was my first introduction to an intelligent strong-willed compassionate independent woman. i was 16 & worked with her @ YWCA domestic assault shelter for 3 yrs...lilla made such an impact on every life in her path with her empathy & determination & sacrifice & humor...AND what an awesome cook, she loved feeding the hungry AND i am always hungry...i can still hear her voice to this very day and it's been 35 yrs... i have a photo of her & reflect on our times together & grin ear to ear knowing that i continue on with my life under the influence of lilla mckinney, who was definitely under the influence of God!! ;)