Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We All Have At Least One

We all have or have had at least one person in our lives that is (what I like to call) an energy sucker. You know, the person that you shudder at when their name appears on the screen when your phone rings. You feel worn out just thinking about them..Well my friend, this is another form of toxic relationships. This is also one of the hardest types of relationships to break away from. They are usually nice people but their drama, negativity , critical disposition or neediness completely drain you. You sometimes feel guilty not wanting to take their call or spend time with them.

Your prompt today is to identify those people in your life from the past and from your life today. Write any feeling down that come with this prompt. Free write 9don't think about what you are going to write or how it is going to sound)..just get it all out.

Our prompt Thursday will be a little late as I will be traveling on business for a week and my schedule is often not my own during such travels.

Have a energy filled day!

Sending Love,


  1. energy sucker...excellent definition. i have referred to negativity folks as those that "suck the joy out of everything" cuz they always are grumbling about something in everything & their driving force is "it's all about me." these are helpful prompts for has been confirmation that i am not the only one in these situations AND i am on the right track to dealing with these situations...thank you much! ;)

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  3. I call them Physic Vampires. lol.