Monday, June 7, 2010

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can be between you and your spouse/partner or it can be between you and a family member OR it can be between you and a friend. Often people only think of toxic relationships from a marital viewpoint but it is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! Did you know being involved in a toxic relationship can actually make you physically ill?

What is a toxic relationship? I searched the Internet to find this for you
The first part of your prompt today is to go to this website and read what it has to say about toxic relationships. The second part is to pick up your pen and write in your journal any thoughts you have on this subject. Are you in a toxic relationship with anyone? Have you ever been in one? Remember that a toxic relationship is defined by any one of the behaviors listed on the website. Look up other websites and books on Toxic Relationships if you wish. If you find one that you would like to share with us, post it through a comment.

That is all you need to do today. We will take the next step on Tuesday.

I made the decision last night that during this series on toxic relationships , we will not feature a blog of the day. This is too serious of a subject to stray from it until it is finished.

Ending today with a subject that is important but that I really am sorry I have to bring up. It has come to my attention that my blog (my words, my writings) have been copied and reposted on other peoples blogs as if it were their own.

In the upper right hand corner of this blog you will notice that everything I write or create is copyrighted. That means that you can not post anything that is written here without written permission from me.

If you want to share anything that is on Your Life Spelled Out simply link this blog to your post or ask me if you can. Simple as that.

This is especially important as I am writing a YOUR LIFE SPELLED OUT BOOK that will be out (estimated time) in late October or early November. Some of the material I have used in my blog will also be in the book.

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  1. my oh my, been here & done this also, knowing that i am accountable for the choices i make and the way i spend my God-given time has altered my path ... so freeing to act on what God calls me to do, not act by human reasoning! sandpaper people (kay arthur) was very insightful with steps to stay on my God-given path...reagrdless of others toxic input & behavior...really, sometimes we are to just say NO...

  2. My husband and I decided together to end a very toxic relationship with my daughters' grandmother. We tried for over 15 years to get along with her. When her actions of talking against our values and us lead to a break in our relationship with my oldest daughter --> we broke off all contact between her and us. We still allow our girls to have a relationship with their grandmother but we do not have anything to do with her. She still tries to cause problems but we all look at her comments and actions as toxic. more on this on my blog. lol. I have really learned just to say that you are not allowed in my life if you choose to be toxic to my life and family.

  3. AND there are three other books that helped me thru dealing with toxic behaviors & relationships...who switched off my brain? by dr. carolyn leaf AND the power of a woman's words by sharon jaynes AND boundaries by cloud & townsend...most excellent reads! ;)

  4. Excellent Recommendations donnlee. Thank you for sharing!