Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Your Style,GIVE AWAY and Guest Designer Search

Are you a Country Girl, A Diva, Ultra Feminine, Blue Jean Queen, Ms. Corporate America, A Tomboy (or something else ..you fill in the blank). Do you dress in a way that reflects who you are Inside? Why or why not? What clothing and shoes to you feel most comfortable in?

In case you haven't noticed the prompts usually are in one of four categories.

Getting out of yourself through service and gratitude
Fun and Whimsical
Preserving Your Heritage and Memories
Digger Deeper (these are the prompts that are emotional and difficult but good for you)

We have some of each every month. After a particularly emotional prompts (such as the ones on toxic relationships) I try to have several days of fun ones to balance it out.

Between Blogger and Networked Blogs Your Life Spelled Out now has over 300 follower. SO...I am going to have a giveaway. Every time we grow by 25 I will have another giveaway. All you need to do be entered into this giveaway is to share how you found Your Life Spelled Out and how you use it. Do you use it daily, scan it occasionally, use it for art journaling only? Invite people to join. Tell them to tell me that you sent them and you will be entered again into the drawing for this set of stamps AND a gift card from Barnes and Noble or Archivers (your choice).


Your Life Spelled Out is hosting a Guest Art Journal Designer Call.
Just link your art to a comment here.

I will announce the winner next Friday. It is a one month position for the month of July! You will be responsible for the July prompts and for spreading the word through your blog and other groups you belong to. We have a flickr group set up but I have decided to add a Mr. linky for all my artist and we will have a prize each week. I have several sponsors lined up already!

So Send Me (Link me or Email me at smsummerville@hotmail.com)) Your Art!

Winner will be announced on July 1st!

Have a Great Tuesday!

Sending Love,


  1. I found "Your Life Spelled Out" through blog hopping. I use it daily, but in different ways every day. Sometimes it inspires a LO, but mostly it inspires me to produce cards for a particular person that the prompt makes me think of. I love sending people cards, I mean who doesn't love to receive a letter in the mail!?

  2. I am not sure what my style is. I am relaxed, laid back style of something. At work, I wear khaki pants and blouses which are usually in blue, purple or pink colors. I find that the days I wear a skirt --> I have to climb on something or get down on the floor. In my off time, I just wear yoga stretchy clothes. Is comfort a style? ;) Love the blog. Please enter me in the drawing?? lol. ;)

  3. I am so new...I found out about this blog from Pinky! I have been exploring the "not so sugar sweet" form of scrapping for about a year now...only because I found Dirty Scraps. I had no idea there were other sites that also encouraged getting to the real "inside" to scrap! As I am so new here I have only been looking at it a couple of days! In that time there has been a giveaway! I love giveaways! I look forward to using it as a wonderful source of inspiration!