Friday, June 11, 2010

And She'll Have FUN FUN FUN!

The first few days of this weeks prompts may have been difficult. We are ending the week with fun prompts to help settle your soul. PLEASE don't forget what you discovered through the difficult prompts. What will you do with the information you now have? Are you in a toxic relationship? If you are in a physically abusive relationship I urge you to seek help ASAP. There are battered women shelters (safe houses) all over the United States. I will post a list of books and resources on Sunday for those of you that need to investigate this topic or the topic of toxic relationships further.

Your prompt today is to write the word FUN at the top of your journal page and then write everything that comes to you as you ponder that word in the first 10 minutes of your journaling. After you have done this, read what you have written and write a thoughtful paragraph describing what you think of as FUN in your own life.

Our Art Prompt today is MY WONDERLAND.

Please share your work with us in the Your Life Spelled Out Flickr Gallery. If you would like an invitation to the group simply email me at

Have FUN filled day!

Sending Love,

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  1. FUN is wonderful...gotta mix a lot of the fun in order to survive the toxic!!! ;)