Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bright and Early

I am up today bright and early at 4:50a.m. getting ready to go to Camp Chops (camp for children with cancer) to do all of the art activities with them today.

16 years ago my son was diagnosed with bone tumors. We all (including the doctors) thought he had cancer. He did not. He has a rare disease called McCune Albright syndrome.

After being on the cancer ward post surgery we both left led to do do something with children suffering from cancer. His idea was to give Teddy Bears to every child (he was 11 then) and so we started Project Ed Bear. Project Ed Bear is an not for profit all volunteer organization dedicated to providing comfort and needs for pediatric oncology patients in Ohio.

To say this little idea has grown into something huge is a great understatement.
I am running the art program for Camp Chops but Project Ed Bear pays for the entire camp for all of the children.This is just one of many many things that Project Ed Bear does now. We even have college scholarships. Our accountant is working on an exact number for an appreciation event that Children's Hospital is doing for Project Ed Bear but I feel it is safe to say that over the last 16 years Project E Bear has given the children and the hospital over $350,000 in gift and services.I will let you know the actual number when i get it. Praise God!

So drawing from this example our prompt today is to name a time in your life that seemed bad or unbearable at the time that when you look back on it was a good thing or when something good has happened as a result of something bad happening first. Write in detail. You may need to meditate on this a bit but it will come.

Have a blessed day.

Sending Love,


  1. That is incredible! My niece (at age 10) has started Cases for Cheer. She made a pillow case for her Aunt Willie who had cancer. Aunt Willie took her pillow with her for all her treatments. Madison wanted to make pillow cases for everyone with cancer. Her comment was "I can't cure cancer but I can help make them more comfortable". Now she has her own non-profit.

  2. I am so amazed by what young children can achieve when they or a loved one are in crisis. Your son and Kim's niece should be honored for their achievements. God Bless you ladies as well! Oh, and Susan, I want to thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. I appreciate it. I've been following you but haven't been here in a while. I really do need to return more often for these prompts.

  3. Kim...I would love to talk to you more about your niece. I will send you an email next week. Welcome to the blog Lori!