Thursday, June 3, 2010


Our prompt today is the What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?
Is there anything that you need courage for now? How does reflecting on your past courage help you muster up the courage you need today?

Our Blog of the day is a Challenge Blog for all of you that love to scrapbook, create altered art, make cards and other paper craft projects. You will find it at They have an online crop with prizes coming up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Have a wonderful (almost Friday) Thursday!

Sending Love,


  1. The most courageous thing I have ever done is return to college and raise my girls after my first husband died. It was so scary when he died and I was so young (only 24). I just did what I needed to do, but looking back I can't believe the courage I had.

  2. Another wonderful prompt :) Will check out the Ning site. Sounds like fun.

  3. Great prompt today.. Something I'll have to think on .

    Kim, that takes a ton of courage!