Friday, June 18, 2010

There's an app for that!

Our prompt today is to write about how technology has changed your way of living.

For example, I am connected to several family members through facebook and can just look online and find out what is going on in their day. I can't believe I can check email from my telephone and people are reading books electronically more often than in paper form.

Now write how you feel about it. Do you like the changes. Do you think they bring people closer together or further apart?

The winner of the journal is donnalee. Donna please email me your home address. My email address is

THE ART PROMPT this week is the word UNDECIDED!

Starting Monday we will be featuring blogs again.

Have a fantastic day!

Sending Love,


  1. Wow, I could write a book on this one!

  2. talk about a rock AND a hard place...i have a computer BUT is use my manual typewriter daily, i have access to fine restaurants BUT i prefer a home-made picnic in the park, i prefer riding my bike over the car, i prefer stencils & cutting out embellishments over my cricut... BUT the greatest thrill for me as far as technology is is the improvements in medicine AND the greatest downfall is the space program... ;)