Monday, June 14, 2010

What did you want to be?

From the time we are very young the question "What do you want to be when you grow up" is posed. Was there something that you KNEW you wanted to do or be? Did you follow that dream or was it derailed by others desires for you to "do" or "be" something else or even by life itself?

Yesterday on the CBS Sunday Morning show, Ben Stein's commentary addresses this in a very different kind of way. His advice to recent high school graduates was to follow your dreams, do what you love, do what you always knew you wanted to do .In other words, do what you are passionate about, NOT what others want you to do but what you are led to do.He went on to say that a psychiatrist friend had told him that most of the people that he works with are unhappy and feel like they didn't really do what they wanted to do in life. They, for whatever reason, let others(like their parents) make those decisions for them to please them or life itself derailed their dreams. They are stuck in a job or profession that they lack passion for and dread going into each day, OR they are doing NOTHING with their lives. That , in my opinion ,is real tragedy. There are millions of people doing NOTHING with their lives.

What about you? It is never too late.

I always wanted to be a photo journalist and although I did not go back to school to get my degree in that field, I am an avid photographer , a freelance writer and am in the middle of writing a book on journaling. I found an outlet for my dreams and even picked up a few new ones along the way.

Today our prompt is to write about what it was we always wanted to be or do. We will journal about what we can do that would be an outlet for what we love to do. If you let others influence you to do or be something else with your life, write about how you feel about that. But, remember, we are not jounraling this to find blame with anyone (including ourselves)but to help us discover how we can incorporate unmet dreams into our lives and turn our passions into something good for ourselves and for others.

As promised, I have a list of books that I recommend for those that are struggling with Toxic Relationships. (Our topic last week)

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship
Seeing It! Stopping It! Surviving It!
Leslie Vernick

Toxic Relationships and How To Change Them
Dr. Clinton McLemore

PLEASE seek help if you are in a toxic relationship and if you are in a physically abusive relationship, I beg you, please immediately share what is going on in your life with someone, seek professional help and separate yourself from the situation.

Have a Blissful Monday!

Sending Love,

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  1. my last year in high school i went to a job fair and was inspired to become a court reporter (stenographer) SO i paid for and went to trade school, successfully completed & enjoyed the requirements except the one that that i did not fully grasp in the 2 year must sit still for @ least 2-4 hours @ a time AND i was unwilling to do that, too much of a multi-tasker, too antsy i guess! well, anywho, i ended up with a human resources career, plenty of multi-tasking there, raising a family AND, most importantly, serving God thru it all!! ;)