Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fighting With Myself

Last night my husband quoted someone that had told him "I was in a room when a fight broke out and I looked around and was all alone". We all laughed but it was because we all knew what he meant. We have all been there.

Our prompt today is What do I fight with MYSELF about? An example for me is getting on that bike in the morning. I know I need to to stay healthy, I know I feel great when I do...but I fight with myself often with excuses and reasons not"I'll do it later, I am too busy right now..etc. My list goes on and on about things that I" fight" with myself . Things as simple as judgmental thought or completely forgiving are also example of the fight within.

What about you?

Have a lovely Saturday where ever you are.

Sending Love,

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  1. I have a problem getting motivated to do housework. It is something that I despise. I would much rather play on the computer or read a book.

  2. aahhh, the fight within...the battle of good or evil, a choice to be made...the winner is the side that gets fed! AND i'm enjoying this spectacular day that my Lord has made! looking forward to your publication, woohoo! ;)

  3. Well I found the prompts. I saw you on facebook and was looking around for the prompts when I read that they was on your blog. I need this so much. For some reason I have a hard time writing in a journal. I also love to make art journals. I hope to find some prompts for that too. Thanks, You will be hearing from me from time to time.