Friday, January 7, 2011


You can always tell when I am out of town because at those times the prompts are fluffy and light as I am not prepared to answer emails that often come my way after heart wrenching or harder prompts.

Well you will be delighted to know that I am back home and for the next week and a half you will be opening up places in your soul that you have not been in touch with in a while or perhaps that you have never opened.

Today I want you to take that back pack of garbage you have been carrying around off your back and start unloading it.

The first thing you will pull out is anger. Write out everything and everyone you are angry at. Write out WHY you are angry. Don't forget to include yourself. The one person that most of us are angriest at is ourselves. I promise. Don't forget to write out WHY you are angry with yourself. BE SPECIFIC. Be heartrendingly honest or this exercise will be of no use to you at all. We will explore more on Saturday.


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  1. i have had many, many opportunities to embrace anger toward others, and i have, also blaming them for my mess at the moment BUT it has been 26 yrs. now that being a "work in progress" i have become willing to take full responsibility for my choices, knowing i am flawed & have been broken at times...AND AND ALSO PLUS in 11/2000 revival washed over me, i am a faithful believer, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, empowered to glorify God. THEN testing & hardship came, i was face to face with my choices of toxic relationships & dui, AND, again, i was prompted to stand down from all things toxic. BUT by this time i had gleaned valuable knowledge & wisdom to respond in love, not anger. my fleshly reaction was to be offended that family believers would continue to behave with such distain against the Word of God. i was prompted quite loudly to examine myself and also asked God to examine & purify my heart. then the Holy Spirit shared this rhema revelation...i am to be available to be used of God, i am to guard my heart and not hinder the work of God in the lives of others...He is their source, i cannot fix stuff. i must love without receiving the foolishness of others (boundaries in relationship), i must offer charity & empathy without participating in the darkness of others, i must pray without ceasing for folks and assist with their needs as prompted by the Holy Spirit & according to Scripture, not their wants but their needs. free at last in the peace, joy & rest of God!! :)