Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dreams Take Two

Was it hard for you to write down your old dreams?

I know the first time I did this it was difficult.

I always wanted to be a photo journalist . I even went to our local newspaper to talk to several journalist and photographers when I was 14.

I didn't major in photography or journalism in college.

I also wanted to fall madly in love in a fairy tale type way or at the very least a burning passionate romantic kind of way with the perfect men (for me) and have children and live happily ever after.

I have been divorced TWICE.

After reviewing the facts I asked myself if my dreams today reflect the ones of my youth. They are similar but not at all the same. I looked to see if any part of the original dreams had lived or if they had turned to dust completely.

I am not a photo journalist but I am a published photographer and a published author.

I have four beautiful children.

So all was not lost.

Today after reflecting as above we will write down what are dreams look like today. If you are in a place where you cant even put down a dream because you have given up on them I want you to write out a page of what you would like you life to look like today if it was in your power.

Let the journey begin!



  1. This is such a great thought provoking.

  2. 2 visions @ this moment...(1) glorify God with a zine that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ by the power of His bloodshed on the Cross and His resurrection from the tomb AND (2) move to argentina with my daughter and enjoy my golden years in simple, uncomplicated peace. :)