Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letting Go of Bad Habits

Yesterday we identified our bad habits. Today we will take the next step in turning them around.

As you look at your list of bad habits ask yourself if you are really ready to let go of them. Do this with each one. After all, you may have the bad habit of drinking too much coffee(oh yeah, that's one of mine) but not be ready to give it up. If you are not ready to change the habit this exercise will not be productive.

However, if you are ready to let go of habits that are harmful to you or holding you back it is time to begin.

After you have decided to remove the harmful habit from your life write down exactly how you will do this. If you really wish to succeed I suggest you find someone that you can be accountable to. Share your desire to stop this habit and ask them to check in with you once a week to see how you are doing.

Time to purge.


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  1. to overcome my fear of elevators i faithfully believed that God is with me, i prayed and stepped inside, held on to the rail and up & down i went...shortly after, satan accused me to Him and was allowed to cause the elevator to get stuck, twice, BUT still i gratefully ride! ;)