Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fear Of

Today we will reach in and pull out the package labeled (My Fears). We may even be afraid to look inside but in order to reach the our final destination of Peace, we must.

Do not be hasty in your writing. Really think about what you are afraid of. We will work on why on Monday.

Fear takes on many forms. Some forms are disguised as anger, apathy, depression and procrastination to name a few.

Ask yourself "What am I really afraid of"?

The first time I did this exercise and was able to become very honest with myself I was shocked at the results.

One of my fears was that if they(meaning anyone) really knew me, they would not like me. So I spent a great deal of time trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be.

Another fear was the fear of success. Yes, that is a real fear. I would constantly sabotage myself and therefore enable myself to stay where I was and not move forward with the goals and dreams I had for myself.

This may be one of the most important prompts we have this year. It can be life changing, so take your time.



  1. there are several things i would prefer NOT to experience but nothing that paralyzes me or keeps me from moving on. as a kid i didn't get on elevators and was afraid in the dark BUT now i ride them & go horsebackriding @ midnite...i do tho always have an exit stradegy. when @ the movies i know the best route out AND i carry scissors in my console so that i can cut the seatbelt if i get trapped AND i prefer to have possibilities in place for what's next BUT it doesn't always work out according to my idea... :)

  2. Three Fears: (good topic)
    1) Fear of failure
    2) Fear of sucess
    3) Fear of "losing myself" (this is a biggy)

    Guess I'm kinda in a bind. Need lots of prayers here !! XO!