Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Next out of our backpack of baggage we are carrying around with us is a package labeled heartache.

I know you are thinking "DON'T GO THERE" but to unpack, look at and clear away baggage we must.

Write down the heartaches (Heart breaks) in your life time. The ones you carry with you into your life now. Into other relationships.

Have you ever made someone else pay for the actions of someone in your past? We do this by not trusting, putting emotional walls up and in many other ways.

I am very guilty of this myself. So this is one thing I can talk about first hand.

Free style journal this prompt. Free Style writing is where you put your pen to paper and let your thought flow onto the page without worrying about spelling or what it sounds like. Just get it all out.

Be kind to yourself after this prompt. We will talk about feelings on Thursday.


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  1. i already have this list...
    i call them "highlights." :)