Monday, January 10, 2011

If You Always Do What You Always Did

The next box out of that back pack is labeled BAD HABITS. You know you have some. Write them down. Did you know that If You Always Do What You Always Did You Will Always Get What You Always Got!

It's True!

You can not expect to have real change in your life if you continue to fall into the same bad habits and routines that you always have.

Today we will simply identify them. Nothing else.

We will work through them on Tuesday.



  1. slack in prayer & Bible study, dessert first, speaking directly without regard to responses, difficulty dealing with emotional that leads to stupid...there ya have it! :)

  2. my glaring bad habit its that I cannot deal with other people's crap. And when they hand it to me, I call them out on it, usually in a public flogging, and throw it right back to them. The fallout is that I have very little friends - - but the ones I have are so supportive, dedicated and made of gold!