Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who are you?

Many women today feel a sadness we cannot name. Though we accomplish much of what we set out to do, we sense that something is missing in our lives and --fruitlessly--search "out there" for the answers. What's often wrong is that we are disconnected from an authentic sense of self. EMILY HANCOCK

Time to ask yourself this question Who Am I Really?

For the longest time I tried to be who I thought I should be or who others wanted me to be. I struggle with this still and perhaps always will. But today I am more likely to admit my faults and celebrate my uniqueness. I am a girly girl. No apology for that.I am a terrible speller (thank goodness for spell check). I love to create but perhaps not in the same way my peers do. I love glitzy things, to bake,to cook, photography and Jesus. And as much as a Masters in Art therapy appeals to me, I have no interest in going through that many classes (several ones I do not wish to take) at this time in my life. Again, No Apology for any of that.
Still, I find myself trying to live up to some of the titles I have been given by my community (city, county). It is exhausting. Every now and then I need to sit down and write about who I am and ask myself the hard question.."Are you being true to yourself or are you people pleasing again?

Your prompt today is to discover through witting who you are. What do you like to do, what do you like to wear, what do you believe or believe in? Now ask and write about the hardest question..Are you being true to who you are?

Have a spectacular day!

Sending Love,


  1. Hi Susan,
    I am glad to have found you through twitter. I think the journal prompts are wonderful and they keep whispering to me "write, write":)

  2. Hi Jackie..WELCOME to Your Life Spelled Out!

  3. i am Christ's saved believer, an authentically flawed citizen...transforming minute by minute as He guides me in what to do, what to wear and who/what to believe! for me, everything else is moot...Jesus makes life very simple & uncomplicated...NOT like the human reasoning tactic of "i want, i think, i feel." ;)

  4. Susan: I have always known there has been an unspoken kinda something between us!
    I have been VERY sad in this past week--almost a heavy, grieving feeling---only this time I know what the question is----"What exactly is my purpose here?" "What did God put me on earth for?" As you know, there has been quite alot of illness & health issues in my family (now---me physically), as well as financial trouble. I've been praying & journaling about it for 2 days---with absolutely no answer. So---I will lighten up on the intensity of my prayer & writing a bit (although continue), and see what answer comes. It always does. Right now I have a very serious health issue (we may have talked about this),so I'm trying to give myself a break.
    It is NO consequence that this prompt came up today!!!!
    God bless you & the other women here!