Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What are the things that you are fussy about? Do you like your pants hung a certain way, don't want your food to touch on a plate, have to have a certain brand of mustard, only like to sit in the eight row at a movie theatre or better yet will only go to a certain movie theatre because you like their popcorn best?

We all have at least one thing that we are fussy about. Most of us never really think about it, it just becomes part of who we are.

One of mine is that I really only like Starbucks french roast coffee and seldom drink anything else. If I want a nonfat latte I will ONLY get it at Starbucks and if I am out of the country I won't get them even at a Starbucks because their milk taste different and I would rather have it black. I know....FUSSY!

So today write about your fussiness in detail.

Have a fuss free day!

Sending Love,

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  1. funny you should bring this up, cuz this makes me angry...i "deal" with fussiness but in an opposite way...most of my family & friends are so fussy/persnickety/anal/it's all about me focused about everything from how the ice sits in the glass to their "seat" @ church to fear of sweat that i often go & do stuff by myself in order to just enjoy the moments as they are presented to me! thanks for the perspective giggle! ;)