Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dream A Little Dream

Yesterday we looked at all the things we love to do. Today our prompt is to write down all of the things we are good at or gifted at.What are your gifts and talents?
How can you use the gifts and talents that you have to improve your life? How can you use the gifts and talents you have to improve the life of others.

Do not overlook a gift just because you think it is not really a gift or a talent. For example, some people have the gift of encouragement. That means they are very good at encouraging others. You may not immediately think of that as a gift, but it is.

Have a spectacular day!

Sending Love,

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  1. And you must be one who contains the gift of encouragement because you just encouraged me to encourage others. LOL, sounded a tad funny, but it is the truth. Thank you for sharing this post. I am going to ponder my gifts and talents cause I want to see what I think of myself...