Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time Alone

There is no companion so companionable as SOLITUDE (Thoreau)

I have found that there is no better therapy than purposeful solitude spent in journaling, prayer and meditation. Time reflecting on and recognizing the blessings in my life, what I want my life to look like and how to move towards that goal have all come to me in my times of solitude.

Our prompt today is to take as little as 10 minutes or as long as an hour today to have a quiet time. Pour your favorite beverage and find someplace quiet where you can be sit, be alone and reflect for just a few moments. (Even if that only place is your bathroom). Start writing about what you would like your life to look like a year from now. Pray if you wish. For me prayer is the most important part of my alone time. Meditate on all of your many blessings. Think about how to make your life more simplistic and write what you come up with.

Have a meditative day!

Sending Love,


  1. aaaahh yes, prayer & meditation on His Word beget journaling that speaks His Word aloud in every circumstance bringing me back to the strengthening conduit of prayer thru meditation on Christ!! ;)

  2. I take at least a few minutes every day to just sit and think...I escape to my bedroom to do helps me to get my get centered again.