Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wasted Moments of Time

Our prompt today was going to be an entirely different one (and we will have it on Wednesday) but I just read a prayer request from a friend that resulted in changing our prompt to the following.

Do the people that I love know how I feel? If I were to die tomorrow would I have shared me real self with them? Do I waste moments or opportunities ? Have I made a difference in another life? If I were to tell (you name the person) one thing I want them to always remember, what would it be??

I know that is a great deal to write about..but let me share how this prompt came to be.

A friend of mine asked for prayer for her husbands friend and his wife. You see she had been suffering from abdominal pain for several months and her doctor had run several test and took her gallbladder out but when she broke her pelvis by slipping on the ice and the fracture did not heal they started digging deeper. They sent her to John Hopkins and found that she has terminal cancer. The abdominal pain is from a huge tumor that is in her stomach and the cancer has spread to her bones. They do not expect her to make it through the week. THROUGH THE WEEK!!! My friend asked for prayers for her and for her children 10 and 13 and for her husband. My friend was in shock. She had this womans invitation to her 40th birthday party which would have been in 2 weeks in front of her.

We all gasp when we hear this story. It is a very real reminder of how fragile and how precious life is. It also shatters the illusion that nothing like that can happen to us. It can. It does. So after reading this and pondering on it put your pen to your journal and write. Then, I am guessing there will be some action taken, some attitude adjustments, some I love yous said.

Have a great day with no wasted moments.

Sending Love,


  1. OMG Susan, I'm crying. Thank you so much! You are such a beautiful person and I know thanks to your post a lot more people will be thinking about their loved ones today. Thank you!

  2. I faced this early in life with my first husband’s death when I was 24. I knew that he loved me and that he died doing something he loved. He died saving two of his soldiers’ lives. I have talked with them in the years since and they have made the most of their lives. I am also very verbal with telling my family that I love them. When my mother died in 2001, it was very sudden. But I know that she knew that I loved her very much.