Thursday, April 22, 2010

There is no place like home!

I left Singapore 25 hours ago and just arrived home. It is so Nice to be back home and back in my own bed tonight. I talked to a young solider that sat next to me on the flight who was also on his way home. He is stationed in Korea and has not been home for 11 months. He told his family that he was sending a gift home for his fathers birthday and that it would arrive on Thursday. No one in his family knows that the gift is HIM.. He was so excited to surprise his wife, mother and father. He talked about how homesick he was. Being homesick myself and listening to him describe how it felt to be back home reminded me of how often I take "home" for granted and everything and person that makes my home, well, my home.

Our prompt today is to write what home is to you and why. Is home where are are living now or is it in another State or another Country? Is it the place where you grew up or the place where you raised your own family? Or both? Write about a time that you have been homesick and the little things that you miss about home when you are not there.

I will write bright and early on Friday. Thanks for being understanding about the late post today.

Have a wonderful evening.

Sending Love,

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