Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mental Clutter

There are many things in life that can cause what I call " Mental Clutter". For example, schedule overload, deadlines, being pulled in many directions, illness, illness of a loved one, over commitment, worry, fear, resentment and lack of down time to name just a few. Often times mental clutter leads to depression. One of the reasons I recommend keeping a journal is that we can release some of the clutter simply by writing it down.

Our prompt today is to ask ourselves the question "Is there anything in my life that is overwhelming right now?" "Is there anything in my life that is occupying too much of my daily thoughts?" "Am I angry, fearful or worrying about something?"

Get the clutter out! Use as much paper as you wish. Let your thoughts flow from your pen. Don't hold back!

After you have everything down on paper read what you wrote. Monday's prompt will be the next step in this process.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Sending Love,

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