Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peace and Drama or is it Drama and Peace

One thing I am sure of is that Peace and Drama do not coexist. Did you know that some people are actually addicted to drama? It has been part of their life so long that they have difficulty functioning without it and if taken out of the drama will actually create more so they are comfortable. How dysfunctional is that?

I used to be a bit of a Drama queen myself at one time. EVERYTHING was SUCH a big deal. If I had a bad day, If someone didn't treat me right, If someone didn't act, say or do what I thought they should, If things didn't go the way I wanted them to, If I thought something was unfair or unjust and on and on and on! Oh and if their really was a CRISIS ... then you would really see the drama queen in me.

I lived a life void of peace.

Today I have made the decision that I would rather be at peace than most anything else. I have a level of acceptance and peace that I never thought possible. I don't try to change people or manipulate circumstances. I don't have to be right or be justified. I know that I am not sheltered from being treated badly , talked about, bad days, crisis, PMS (lol), illness or any other bad thing that is in the world.

Where are you in this drama called life? Are you a Drama Queen (always making a big deal out of EVERYTHING)? Are you at Peace? Do you accept others or try to change them? Do you have the why me attitude or the why not me attitude? After all what makes us think that we should be sheltered from life? Would you rather be RIGHT or rather be at peace?

Your prompt today is to look at the questions above and answer them honestly. Examine how you live your day to day life. Is it filled with strife?

If you are free from drama in your life write down why and what you do to maintain peace.

For me it is as simple as prayer and meditation each day. I pray daily for God's peace that transcends understanding. I accept and love people for who they are and do not try to change them. It is a daily decision. It does not always come naturally. I change the things I can change that bring strife, overload or stress into my life. Turn over in prayer the things I can not change.

Write down things you can do to remove strife, drama, overload and stress from your life.

Have a day filled with PEACE!

Sending Love,

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