Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I am delighted to accept the Happy 101 Award award from my new friend Jennifer McIntyre over at the Blue Barn.

In accepting this award, I must list ten things that make me happy and pass the award along to ten other bloggers that I enjoy. In doing so I am personally recommending these blogs to all of my followers.

1. My Faith My Faith is strong and so much a part of who I am that it is impossible to think of living life any other way. I rely on daily communication with God and His Peace that transcends all understanding for the challenges that life brings. I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me.

2. My Husband I am married to my best friend. He is such a blessing from God. He lifts me up, stands by my side, applauds my success, mourns my losses, holds me when I need held, and pushes me when I need pushed. I a blessed among women because this man call me his wife.

3. My Children I have five of the most wonderful, beautiful children in the world. They range in age from 22 to 31. I am so pleased with the adults that they have become. I am so lucky to have a daughter that I share the love for art with and a son that I share the love of photography with. We have fun sharing our passions for the arts. One of the things in life that makes me the happiest is watching my children with their own children. This leads me right in to number four.

4. My Grandchildren My three darling grandchildren are responsible for at least half the smiles that run across my face. They are such a sweet blessing to me and to their Papa. I am fortunate to have them all living close and to see each of them at least once a week. Here they are. Tyler who is 4, Wyatt who just turned 2 this month and Aubrey who is 6 months old.

5. My Mother I am so lucky to still have my mother and even luckier to have MY mother. It's true, when I was growing up everyone wanted my mother to be theirs. I am almost 50 and my friends still love my mother.She is my mother and my friend. She knows EVERYTHING about me and adores me anyway. I aspire to be the kind of grandmother to my grandchildren as she was to my children.

6. Time Away With My Husband We travel the world on business (literally) but my favorite time with my husband is the times we go away to our place in West Palm. We often go there for our anniversary w=so I think I associate it with romance, relaxing, and just spending quiet time together to catch up, relax and love each other.

7. Scrap booking/ Art Journaling I LOVE creating. It is very therapeutic for me and I love the fact that I am chronicling for my children, grandchildren and future generations.I am happiest when I am doing this with my daughter or my mother.

8. Photography I see thing through my lens in a new way. I love to tell an entire story just through pictures. I always wanted to be a photo journalist . This pull is still strong as I ache to ask strangers "What's Your Story"?, "What Happened"? as I snap their photos. I love taking photos in the other Countries that we visit. I enjoy taking photos of people just living their life. Everybody has a story to tell..EVERYBODY!

9. Cooking/Baking Both have been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I love to plan parties and enjoy hostessing tea parties.

10. Project Ed Bear Project Ed Bear is an all volunteer organization dedicated to providing comforts and needs for pediatric oncology patients. I am a Co Founded this not for profit with my son Ede 16 years ago(after he had be diagnosed with bone tumors). It is an all volunteer part time job for me. I love the children, their parents, knowing that I am doing something with my life that is helping others. My youngest grandson (2 years old) was just diagnosed with autism so I know I will jumping into raising money for that in the near future as well.

I can't believe I am at 10 already. I could go on and on. I guess I am pretty lucky that I have that many things that make me happy.

Your Life Spelled Out picks the following bloggers for this Happiness Award. It is hard to pick just ten that bring me happiness as there are so many. Thank you Jennifer for choosing Your Life Spelled Out as one of the blogs that bring you happiness. You made my day.


  1. I know some of those blogs and they are amazing and make me happy too! :) Thanks Susan!

  2. Wow really!? Thanks a lot! You are something special ya know!? You have been on my mind lately. I have a link to something I wanted to send you. Be on the look out for ir. You will appreciate it for sure! Thanks you made my day too!