Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are You True to Yourself?

Yesterday we wrote about Who we are. Today we will ponder and write about if we are being true to who we really are.

Do you dress, talk, act, act as if, belong to organizations or groups, listen to music, have a hair style, have the career or job that reflects who you really are?? OR are you trying to be someone else or even worse..people pleasing?

When I wrote this prompt it brought back a memory of a dress that I loved. It was ultra feminine but a bit old fashioned. When I put it on both my husband and my youngest son expressed how much they didn't like the dress. I never wore it again. I ended up giving it away. That was many years ago and I would like to think I would not do that now. I have worked through many of the issues I had that enabled me to people please instead of doing, or in this case wearing, what I loved.

I know someone that didn't pursue the career she wanted because certain members of her family didn't think it was an important enough position. She has a natural at this and would have been terrific at it..but she chooses to not be true to herself and I believe still regrets it to this day.

Do you still go along with the crowd even though you have not been a teenager for so many years you can't remember? Do you participate in events or talk to look a certain way (that you are not) or to please those around you?

I challenge you to wear your hair the way you want it, dress the way that reflects who you are, have courage of convictions...above all be yourself. Be true to you.

Now with pen in hand start thinking about any ways that you are not true to the true you and write in that journal. This is the first step in the journey of you!

Have a fabulous day!

Sending Love,

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  1. Wow---GREAT prompt, Susan !! I just have to share! Lately, there is so much chaos in my life & HEAD, that I feel pretty much detached from my true self. Of course, this is when I need to "crawl into myself" and remember who I am! I don't people please like I did as a younger woman, but I'm finding I'm spending little time to please myself. This sounds selfish, but believe me, it's NOT !! It is essential right now, and I'm not connecting with myself! Dressing, fixing my hair, makeup---taking time to express the TRUE me on the outside is a start to reawakening me on the inside. And---more time for prayer, instead of "on the fly".
    I need to MAKE time to journal this & a few more of these prompts.

    I am no good to anyone else---and family members are "pulling me in a lot of directions" due to illnesses, etc. So---THANKS for this. It was truly "God-inspired" today !!

    Love to all!!!