Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here comes the judge!

Our prompt today was inspired by my experience on my flight from Malaysia to Singapore just a few hours ago. Stay with me here..It was a steaming hot day at an older airport that you have to walk for a half a mile just to get to your airplane and then you climb up a flight of stairs just to get on board (no jetways here). The flight is delayed (but only sightly).Finally the flight is announced and we wait in line (well sort of a line with several people cutting in front of us) to walk the half mile to the plane. Finally you are on board and seated on the very small plane . You even are fortunate enough to have an empty seat beside you. They announce that the plane will be leaving soon and ask everyone to be seated. Then a man comes out of no where and pushes his little child into the empty middle seat between my husband and myself. My husband being the gentleman that he is moves over to the middle seat by me and so the little girl will be closer to her mother on the other side. The father yanks his child up and finds another empty seat by a window to put her in and comes back and seats in the now empty isle seat that really belongs to my husband. The middle seat never belonged to them but he had 10 family members and was placing them where he wanted. We did not speak the same language so this made it very difficult to communicate so we did not even try. We are buckled up and ready to go when the captain announces that one of the flight attendants was having difficulties making it to work but that we would wait on them to arrive because it was not safe to take off without the extra attendant. So, there we were, sitting on the jetway in crowded seats for over an hour for a 45 minute plane ride. The attendant finally made it on board and we went over the fasten your seat belts, emergency exit talk and were all ready to take off when the captain announced over the speaker that while we were waiting on the attendant the engine light had come on and we could not take off until they fixed the problem. So then we waited for another hour (while the child in back of my seat kicked it over and over again and a poor little baby in the front of the plane had a complete meltdown)when he finally announced that they could not fix the problem so would be moving to another plane (about a mile away). So we all got off the plane while people were running and stepping on feet and pushing and shoving ...UGH! We were at the bottom of the steps to board the new plane when I realize that I had left my purse on the first plane..My hero husband gave me the carry ons and ran back for my purse. When we were finally both back on the new plane and it was pushing back and the cool air conditioning was blowing on our now very hot and sweaty bodies I paused to think about how I had judged the entire experience as BAD..delayed flight BAD, someone taking our empty seat BAD, late flight attendant BAD, engine light problem BAD, leaving my purse on the plane BAD. When the reality was if the plane had not been delayed and the flight attendant would not have been late the engine light would have not come on until we were in the air and who knows what was wrong with the engine and what would have happened. If I had not left my purse on the other plane we would not have sit in a row with an empty seat in the middle as I stood in the row until my husband was on the plane to make sure they did not leave without him. Then I pondered how many times I have judged something as good or bad without really knowing if it is. We often times only see the little picture .

SO (and thanks for listening) our prompt today is to write about a time or times that you thought something was BAD or perhaps GOOD when it has turned out to be the opposite.

I leave Singapore for the Untied States at 7:10. I will be in the air for 18 hours total so I will not post on Thursday until the evening.

I will talk to you Thursday.

Have a blessed day.

Sending Love,
Your Jet Lagging Friend Susan

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